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  • Who We Are

    We're a team of VR enthusiasts and we want to create the best tool to share virtual experiences.

    Gildas Dussauze


    Gildas has always been a real passionate of art, music and visual expressions. When Oculus came out with the Rift model, he decided to build a team to create a solution for live streaming in virtual reality. Now the purpose is to deliver to creators the best tool to produce the most incredible shows with a massive audience

    Benjamin Baldacci


    As all good CTO Benjamin is a deep fan of Star Wars, can spend nights on line codes, likes chocolate bares and is an expert of agile method. Graduated from Epitech, Benjamin had been overseing the ISART school programming department for 3 years. Now he wants to push over the limit in VR user experience.

    Nathalie Royer

    Biz Dev & Project Management

    Nathalie spent the last ten years of her rich professional life on conducting projects in media companies or in music business. She's now in charge of business development related to corporate or private events. You want to try VR for a training, marketing or event use case? Do not hesitate to contact her.

  • How it works

    We combine live, 360 video and multi-user system to give you the best VR experience

    We are open to all devices

    Our solution is available for all VR headsets

    VRTUOZ breaks technological frontiers between virtual reality users. No matter which VR technology you use (iOS, Android, Oculus, HTC, Samsung Gear, Cardboard) you can share experiences with anybody connected.

    We broadcast live in 360 and multi-cam

    You can feel event "as if you were there" and choose the place where you want to be

    Our 360 video player allows you to play in an interactive way. You can change your point of view and choose with which camera you want see the show when it's a live session or be teleported from point to point if you started to visit a place. Now you're not only a viewer, you can act inside the content !

    We deliver a social experience

    The entire VRTUOZ experience can be shared in real time with friends

    VRTUOZ is a social application in virtual reality. As every social app, you have a profile and you can create a network. VRTUOZ allows you to create your avatar, to communicate with a vocal chat, to customise your own space. This is a social place where you meet other users. During the entire experience, you can chat and send emoticons, even when the 360 video is running

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    Join our community and you'll be part of next amazing virtual events

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  • Who's Talking About Us

    Take a look and enjoy!

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    VivaTech keynote : debate about virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the new generation of industries coming

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    French interview of VRTUOZ's CEO about plans and vision of the company and VR industry

  • Partners

    They are helping us to develop VRTUOZ and we are very proud to have them beside us.